Digital Marketing Premium

1. Dedicated email campaign to PAN India 60,000 SMEs / 50,000 B2C contacts ( You provide us with the html/text) 
2. Two BLOGS with infographics and keywords about your company / product / service with your contact details
  • Blog put up on smejoinup.com  (smejoinup.com has an average of  60,000 page views per month ) 
  • On page + Off page SEO for the blogs 
  • Social media promotion on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for the blogs 
3. Daily social media post on your FB/Linkedin page ( we provide the content ) (20 posts in a month)
4. One on One message about your product/service to 100 CXOs on Linkedin ( you select the city and industry)
Note- We will design and develop the Landing Page to collect all inquiries which will reach your INBOX ‚Äč
                       Digital Marketing Premium - 25k per month 

Digital Marketing Premium Plus

                    Digital Marketing Premium
                      activities as above +   
1. 60 Seconds Explainer White Board Video about your product/service ( check out our videos HERE )
2. Banner or content in our weekly Newsletter which is sent to 60k+SMEs
3. One on One mail from your email id to 50  Funded Companies/ Brands in India
                       Digital Marketing Premium Plus- 40k per month 
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