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 Grow Effortlessly

 ReImangine Payroll for your business

ADP® Won Award for Best Payroll Software in India on Feb,17 at World HRD Congress event.

Complete flexibility to define pay structures across levels or individually
Auto CTC break-up
PF, PT, ESI, LWF reports

Configurable leave rules & policies
Multi-level supervisor approval
Automatic workflow notification
Compliance                                      Configured
State-wise pre-configuration of PT
Built-in tax liabilities under various payroll heads
Automatic tracking of government notifications and changes; and real-time incorporation into the                    payroll module

Real-time insights for management (Hierarchy split, Demographics, etc.)
Comprehensive view of pay and tax break up
All these and more starting at just Rs. 4000/month*

ADP Vista HCMSM for growing businesses - An adaptable payroll solution, implementable in hours and scalable to address your future needs.

We understand that for growing businesses, staying 'lean' and 'exclusive' is an ardent prerogative. During this phase, following-up on the latest changes and acquiring the proper expertise to process payroll can become a strenuous task at the least. Not to mention it’s periodicity.
With a compatible database, your organization can be online and processing payroll in a matter of hours. The learning curve of the product is virtually non-existent as its user-experience is tailored to address ease and accessibility.

With ADP Vista HCMSM for Growing Businesses You Can –

► Predefine/Save your payroll configurations and process payroll within three steps.
► Ensure real-time compliance as our cloud-based solution is supported by some of the best industry specialists with regards to tracking, developing and implementing any new changes in payroll-related legislations.
► Attain real-time visibility to all employee related data – be it attrition, recruitment, increment and salary changes in a consolidated dashboard.
► Grant your employees the freedom or using a simple self-service portal which not only gives visibility into their tax trends but also allows them to apply/manage their leaves.
► Seek real-time assistance through our Web Help-Desk to ensure optimal business-continuity with regards to payroll.
As you grow, transition seamlessly

ADP Vista HCMSM is built keeping in mind the size and the unique requirements of companies across various industries and depending on their path to growth. When it's time for you to scale to 250-300 employees, simply migrate to the version that serves mid-sized companies in a seamless manner.

Features At A Glance
► Personal Information Management
► HR Administration
► Payroll Processing Engine
► Payroll Compliance
► Reports Engine
► Journal Vouchers
► Employee Self-Service Portal
Leave Management System
 Policies & Communication Board
 Web Help-Desk
 Manager Self-Service Portal
 Investment Declaration

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